About Linét

CEO/ Co- Founder


Linet grew up with photo albums of all her birthdays, because Lenny didn't let any special event in her life go unnoticed. Today she shares the same creative eye and love for planning parties like her mother. Linet is the go-to-girl for friends’ special events and occasions. Both have embarked on this business journey in which they are constantly seeking ways of bringing their decorations to the next level.

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About Lenny

Co- Founder

Growing up in the Dominican Republic, the absence of not having pictures with a birthday cake from her early childhood inspired Lenny to craft and design inexpensive decorations. This fueled her into becoming the festive person of the family.


Lenny took it upon herself to shed light on her loved one's most special moments. As the eldest of four sisters, she began planning parties for her younger sister's Quinceañera, graduations, friend's baby showers and birthdays. The sight of people gathering around the cake table, with balloons spread across the walls brought Lenny unexplainable happiness and gratification. A joy that followed her into early adulthood, and later into marriage and motherhood.