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Hi and welcome to my Blog! The content for this space will be set on New York, my hometown. This blog will reflect who I am in terms of style, personality and my career goals. If you love putting outfits together, instagram, and traveling you’ll feel right at home here.


Coming from a Dominican background, I appreciate diversity and value unity. Latinas comprise many different cultures, countries, a variety of complexions, shapes, sizes, standards of beauty, and appearances. As a woman we have our own sets of individual goals, priorities, and values. I take pride in my curves and love me some tacos too!


At the age of 23, I get inspired from social media, pop culture, and trendy apparel. Born into a generation gifted with many media forms, I'm committed to utilize those tools to create lifestyle content and bring you along my journey. 

I invite you all to take advantage of technology to share ideas and express yourselves freely 💗.

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