👓 Girls that wear glasses

For all the girls out there that wear glasses, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

Growing up I hated wearing them, they didn't make me feel attractive. But girl, I'm SO Blind! I've been wearing them since age 11. I would be lost without them. I recently switched to contact lenses. The process can be annoying in the beginning, but it definitely pays off.

When I used to wear glasses it was such a challenge having going out and wearing them after spending hours on my makeup. Using contacts have boosted my self-esteem all together. However, I’ve come to appreciate my glasses a whole lot more now. Lets not forget its health benefits!- glasses not only protect your vision from digital screens, but they also keep dirt and dust from getting into your eyes. Also, doctors recommend glasses to help protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.After a long day of wearing contacts you'll find wearing glasses to be an eye-breather.

Moreover, girls that wear glasses appear interesting. Society has constructed this image that portrays those that wear glasses as smarter. As a result, that image have caused men to be intimidated whenever they see a girl wearing glasses. 

Nonetheless, glasses or no glasses - it all comes down to what one feels comfortable in. True beauty will always shine through. So ladies, don't be afraid to mix it up on em!

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