Traveling Tips

These 8 tips will make your traveling experience less stressful ūüďĚ

1. First, make a list! ORGANIZATION IS KEY! It may seem like it's too much, but trust me when it comes time to pack and you find yourself running in circles trying to get everything together, a list will come in handy. It's a clever way to make sure you don't forget any items.

2. Pack lightly. Don't be that person that takes up everyone's time at the lines because of your overcrowded luggage. Traveling should be easy and quick. DO NOT Overpack! Only take the clothes that you know you'll wear for sure.

3. Wear conformable shoes. I always choose to wear sneakers because my trips are usually long and requires a lot of walking. Whether you are traveling by plane, bus or car, comfortable shoes are a must. You don't want to beat your feet up. Just make sure to wear what is best for your feet.

4. Wear Comfortable clothes. Everyone is entitled to showcase their own personal style. However, I suggest you travel as comfortable as possible. I usually wear sweatpants, leggings and a hoodie for the plane. You don't have to over do your look, trust me it will backfire throughout the flight.  Keep in mind you'll be going through the metal detectors and will have to remove most of your accessories. Girl, keep it simple and keep it moving. You'll look cute once at your destination.

5. Travel with a small carry-on bag. This bag will be your little lifesaver. Make sure to have all your important documents in there. You want to have them at first hand and keep them close to you. It's also a great place to keep your small makeup products, snacks or any essential medications.

6. Always pack cleansing wipes. Trips tend to be tedious. These wipes can be useful to clean your face and get rid of extra dirt. It can help dry off or refresh your skin in case you want to glamour up before reaching your destination.

7. Bring a pen with you. At the airports you will usually have to fill out forms, especially when flying internationally. Having your own pen helps you be prepared for anything heading your way. In case you lose your phone, you would have that writing utensil to help you out.

8. Carry emergency cash. Life is one hectic roller coaster and you never know what difficulties you might encounter. You want to always be prepared, so carry cash in case you have to purchase something or get from one place to another.

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